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Are There ANY Good Coin Pushers for Mobile? part 2

First up is the aptly titled “Coin Dozer – Free Prizes”, by Game Circus LLC.

You’re given 40 coins to start out with and you can drop six of them in a short span of time, to try and push as many coins over the edge as possible.

The graphics are… okay, and the physics are decent. And it has some extra activities like leveling up and coin attacks for higher payouts. But this one is one of those with large pits to either side of the playfield, which are EXACTLY the kind of machines I can’t stand.

Also, after you spend your initial allotment of coins and haven’t earned any more then you have to either wait for a timer to count down and gain a few measly coins, buy some more through real money microtransactions, or perform a shady looking online “activity”.

On top of that, ads pop up at random, which means that you’ll probably tap on them by accident while dropping coins. It’s also extremely generous with all the gifts, bonuses and payouts once you gain some momentum, turning it into a mindless tap-fest of stupidity! Yeah, no thanks!

Next up, we’ve got The Real Coin Pusher by Bigshot Games.

And judging by the description, it looks like the “real-est” thing around! Ah, yes, I just love them acade coin dogers! Real Coin Pusher has you really dropping in as many coins as you want from the very top of the machine, which is a nice touch!

It also has this slot machine in the background with an unexplainable space theme. It’ll start to spin after you spend a certain number of coins, making for a passive way to earn even more. However, I feel the coins are a bit too large, and the playfield a bit too small, which is something I also disliked in Coin-Dozer, now that I think about it, but at least here you aren’t bombarded with intrusive ads and microtransactions.

Instead, you’re given the option to, uh, “watch” a short advertisement. After that, you get a bunch more coins to continue playing. But it’s still far too generous in its payouts to be any real challenge, and as you might be able to tell from this footage, the performance is abysmal, once a lot of coins are on-screen at once, which is a lot of the time.


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