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Are There ANY Good Coin Pushers for Mobile? part 3

Our third game is “Ultimate Sparkling Coins, exclamation mark” by COLOPbplbL, Inc.

And man I can’t decide if this machine is delightfully tacky or unbelievably hideous. So with this one, you just tap anywhere to drop in coins and, man are these nice-looking coins!

Definitely the shiniest and most aesthetically pleasing so far. There’s also another slot machine in the background, too, as well as a roulette wheel, and in order to play you have to drop things into the receiver at the bottom. And even though there are dropoffs and pitfalls to the side, it doesn’t matter because this is the most ridiculously generous coin pusher I’ve ever played.

You get so many freakin’ coins and other prizes thrown at you at once that I could literally tap the screen non-stop for as long as I choose. It’s absurd, there’s zero skill involved and zero luck involved, it’s just luck all the time.

So if you love a manipulative Skinner box that pushes your dopamine levels, to places that it no longer has any effect, then here you go! If you’re me, then it’s time to move on.

Game #4 is “Coin Pusher Gold”, or CPG, by TapGames.

This time you have a really tiny area to tap, which drops what appears to be gold-plated quarters. The physics feel slow and floaty, almost like you’re playing on the moon, but, hey, at least you don’t have those annoying dropoff points on the sides. Instead, you have a very traditional machine layout, complete with walls that angle outward, making it deceptively difficult to push the coins on the far left and right.

However, this is also one of those that is generous to the point of being ridiculous, turning it into an effortless screen tapper once you gain just a little momentum. I’m talking crazy amounts of prizes, level-ups, and even mini-games to play in an arcade, all of which reward you with such an abundance of coins that you’ll rarely if ever go bankrupt.

It’s also another one of those that gives you the option of watching ads if you want to unlock more stuff, which, again, I prefer to overpriced microtransactions everywhere.

It’s not a bad little game, and is probably the best of the bunch so far, but it’s still so easy and detached from the real thing that I can’t help but lose interest before long.


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