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Are There ANY Good Coin Pushers for Mobile? part 4

The final game we’ll be looking at is “CASH DOZER USD!!” by PointZero company.

There’s actually a variety of versions of this game for each major world currency, but with this one you get pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and, oddly enough, Kennedy half-dollars and McKinley dollar coins.

You can drop them anywhere you like, and the coins themselves are enjoyably shiny and recognizable, but, dang it, this is yet another machine with such a tiny playfield and large side dropoff pits, that I just can’t get into it. You see, when machines have these dropoffs in real life, the coins are suitably small and the playfield is suitably large enough to make it not as big of a deal when stuff falls in the side, but judging by the scale of these coins here, it looks like we’re playing on a machine the size of a small toaster.

It is realistically stingy with its payouts and it has some unique features like score multipliers, coin showers, and keys to unlock a vault of goodies, but naturally, being harder to earn things means they went with a microtransaction system to gain more coins, on top of the ads you already have to sit through.

So, yeah, that’s all I care to look at because this is disappointing. Is there not one coin pusher game that simulates the real thing to any degree of accuracy?

Not only are physics, dimensions, and machine layouts all over the place with these, but the payouts are often so high, it ruins the risk-vs-reward appeal of these machines. And, dude, I didn’t see a single skill-shot button, which is a pretty important part of these machines if you ask me, or at least one of my favorites.

The most you could do is stop the dozer for a moment by earning a powerup in some of them, but that’s silly. I’ve looked at probably a dozen or more of these games, too, on Google Play, and not one of them satisfies my requirements for what I would call a realistic coin dozer. Coin Pusher Gold was okay, and it’s not bad to play in little quick bursts when you’ve got absolutely nothing else to do and you’ve got a phone on you, but I still can’t recommend it as an alternative to the real thing.

I know these are mobile games, and by and large, they suck, but they don’t have to, you know? And sure, some of the limitations probably stem from lacking hardware capabilities, but as powerful as these tablets and phones are nowadays it should be easier than ever, to make one that’s a little more realistic in terms of coin density and physical complexity.

And if you enjoyed this article, then, well, great, because I think horrible mobile games are actually pretty amusing sometimes, so maybe I’ll be covering some more in the future. Well, let me know in the comments.


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