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Best iPhone Games In 2020 Part 1

Hey, what’s up guys this is John here, from apkgamespro and I hope that you guys are having a wonderful new year.
Today I have 20 iOS games to get you started with 2020, sorry for the delay, let’s get this started.
So first up we have Chronicles of the Himalayas, this is an adventure and mystery experience set in the Himalayan wilderness hidden from the eyes of the common folks.
You peek into the Extra Ordinary world where the reality folklore and magic come together.
The visuals in this game are simply outstanding with a low poly style and the music fits perfectly with the visuals.
Currently, only the demo is available to play but it will be soon released this skier information about this game is in the description below, Do check it out.
So first up we have odd Mar here, you control the enormous biking protagonist, as shellfish level off who is pressed, into duty when his entire village, disappears he’s granted a mystical power, by the forest creatures that allows him, to jump around by throwing down mushrooms but in exchange he has to also save the Great forest from evil creatures.
All in all the graphics are great and the gameplay is amazing and it’s a good game to play, now next up we have PUBG mobile.
I am pretty sure you’re familiar with this game and because it’s pretty popular but for the people who don’t know what this game is about it’s a battle royale type game that pits you against 99 other players in a heart-pounding survival scenario where you’ll need to scavenge for loot explore the map and stay in safe zones while taking out your competition.
Next up we have asphalt 9 legends, this time as faultline focuses squarely on racing the objective is to win each season of races thankfully you won’t be aiming for pole position in every event you’ll be tasked with escaping from the cops to building the clock for the best timing or completing stunts there is.
Enough variety to keep you going last.
Felt 9 does a fantastic job of making you feel you’re making tangible progress with every session you play.
Next up we have far away for Incheon Xscape snapper X.
Far away games are one of the better escape room series on the Playstore and far away for Incheon escapes takes players to an all-new, environment that is broken up into 20 all-new levels and you can expect to find plenty of challenging puzzles the overarching story still has to do with your father and many pages of his missing journal so there is nothing much new here but luckily the gameplay graphics and music are great.


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