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Best iPhone Games In 2020 Part 2

Next up we have inside this game is a,dark morbid platformer but rather than,casting the whole world in silhouette,there is some color this time around,you’re a boy scaping from some,totalitarian regime clambering through,muddy ponds stumbling through cornfields,and generally trying to stay alive the,controls here are remarkably simple you,move around just by swiping and holding,and you can also push on the screen when,you’re near an object so you can,interact with it all in all this game,has a great story and it’s a very good,play,next up we have life is strange life is,strange was a resounding success one of,the top hundred best selling games on,Steam in 2016 and it is finally out on,the Play Store the game centers around,max a high school student who just,recently moved back to her hometown of,Arcadia Bay when she sees a girl gets,shot by a fellow student mesh discovers,that she can rewind time allowing her to,change what happened and save the girl,Max’s former best friend Chloe,you can find out all about them in your,textbook or even online guys don’t,forget the deadline to submit a photo in,the everyday heroes contest I’ll fly out,with the winner to San Francisco where,you’ll be feted by the art world it’s,great exposure and it can kick-start a,career in photography so Stella next up,we have golf club wasteland this is a,game of minigolf set in a,post-apocalyptic wasteland the art style,is minimalist resisting the temptation,to cover everything in a blood scorch,marks and ooze the whole scheme,especially the background does a,wonderful job of conveying the,desolation of this world and you play as,an interplanetary pilot from Mars in an,isolation shoot with a jetpack the,controls are easy and the challenges are,fun and overall it’s a fun game to play,next up we have Pocket build Pocket,build is a world builder that lets you,add buildings and landscapes without the,usual constraints of scores goals or,dangerous beasts pocket build is more,than just a city builder though it’s a,fantasy sandbox game where really the,only limit is your imagination ,next up we have Assassin’s Creed,rebellion there is a lot to do in the,game a story line full of missions where,you take down a Spanish Templar leader,daily challenges and plenty of three,chances to add more heroes to your,roster and you can also pay for some,heroes if you like to speed things along,so first up we have man or vampire there,is no doubt that man or vampire is a,gorgeous-looking game the art design of,this strategy RPG is unmatched on,Android and the gameplay is also amazing,and easy to get used to it’s also free,to play and the strategies used to clear,this game is good so if you dig gorgeous,graphics and strategy gameplay you may,want to give this a try,next up we have Altos Odyssey Altos,Odyssey trades in the bright snowy and,colorful palette of the first game for a,much warmer darker environment the,desert while stunningly gorgeous feels,harsher and less forgiving than the,slopes Altos used to and the new,landscape provides a plethora of new,challenges for players to discover if,you liked Altos adventure then,downloading Altos Odyssey is a no,brainer,you are getting everything you loved,about the first game in a more robust,and polished package,[Music],stop we have starred you Valley stardew,valley is a farming simulation game,where you take over your late grandpa’s,old farm you only to plant and harvest,crops spend time fishing chat and give,gifts to the villagers and work your way,through the mines and most actions can,be done with the tap the music is crisp,and clean and the graphics are as just,as bright and beautiful as ever you,won’t even notice how much time flies,when you’re playing this and how much,fun you’re having along the way,next up we have steam world heist steam,world heist combines spacefaring pirates,and steam-powered robotic Raiders with,classic Western elements which means,confrontations are often concluded with,guns and skillful sharpshooting we can,move shoot or use a special ability and,you have to cover yourself flank and,take height advantages to win the,graphics looks great and I really love,the art style overall it’s an amazing,game,next up we have Cosmo BOTS here you,control your best based robots the Cosmo,BOTS and send them to discover the,infinite expanse of space you have to,gravitate around thousands of planets,while venturing even further into this,infinity and you’ll have to make gravity,your ally to navigate around,next up we have jump and destroy this is,an arcade side-scrolling endless running,shooter that lets you pilot a tank and,shoot up enemies along the way,jump aim and shoot at your foes and,destroy everything in sight and you have,to develop your tank and upgrade it with,more powerful cannons and armor to get,you really far ahead of the competition,[Music],next up we have Looney Tunes world of,mayhem this is an action RPG that lets,players collect teams of characters from,classic cartoons each character has its,own strengths and weaknesses along with,some hilarious fighting abilities you,may see it as a time waster but once you,dive into the title more you will soon,realize how much fun it really is next,up we have bacon escape 2 this is a,single finger off runner but rather than,making the little piggy jump you’re,manipulating the whole world around it,instead there are colored section on the,levels that change when you tap on the,screen and it’s not long before things,get a little more interesting,next up we have exception here each,level gives you an objective for your,little robot friend to complete but you,don’t directly control the robot instead,you give it commands and then sit back,and watch to see if your commands allow,the robot to complete the objective if,you really like challenging puzzle games,and you can think like a computer,programmer exception may be perfect for,you,next up we have brawl stars brawl stars,is a team-based,top-down shooter at heart mixed in with,the sort of progression and loot boxes,you’ve come to love or hate from the,both clash games brawl stars action is,immediately accessible and it’s,real-time PvP doesn’t intimidate and the,style and charm are through the roof,well that was it for this video guys do,leave a thumbs up if you liked it don’t,forget subscribe and hit that Bell icon,if you want to miss out on some more,upcoming contents and as always thanks,for watching this is someone signing out.


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